Bus survey prompts network review

By Tom Inglis, Oct 26, 2019 7:10

Following my recent petition about extending the Lothian Buses 25 route from Riccarton campus to Balerno, I met with First Buses in Livingston, who wanted to find out if a bus service from St. John’s Hospital via Livingston Centre to Balerno, Currie and beyond makes business sense.

First Buses asked me to run a survey of local residents to help gather the information that they need in order to make their assessment. I collected over 500 responses to my survey over the summer, and have passed an anonymised version of the results on to First Buses for analysis.

It showed that St. John’s Hospital, Livingston Centre, Balerno, Currie, Hermiston Park & Ride, South Gyle, and Edinburgh Park were the most popular stops on the potential route, and included lots of useful comments from the community.

First Buses has confirmed that they are now putting the route through their network review process, to determine if it is commercially viable. Once they have done this, I will be in touch in the next Focus and on this website to let you know the result.

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